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Bread and Roses House Concerts

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"Hearts starve as well as bodies... Give us bread, but give us roses."

The women who organized the 1912 Lawrence mill strike where this phrase originated knew that they needed both food and beauty for a full life. Stan's Bread and Roses house concerts are an opportunity to combine an evening of music, food, and community with a chance to feed hungry families in Maine.

You provide a living room. You invite guests. You can provide snacks or organize a potluck event. Stan will provide a PA system and will play and sing original songs and reimagined folk and blues classics (and even a Beatles tune or two). You pass a hat for donations, and all proceeds go to a local hunger relief organization that you choose- a town food bank, a local meal kitchen, the Rural Community Action Ministry, the Bread of Life food bank, or to a local farm to subsidize free farm shares for those in need. Stan will bring CDs and will contribute half the sale proceeds to that organization as well. For more information, or to book a Bread and Roses home concert, email Stan at See the rest of this website for more information about Stan's music.

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