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Stan Davis and Brian Kavanah are Hurry Down Sunshine. We play a wide range of American music from Jazz standards to Tom Waits to Bob Dylan to the Blues- and more. Brian's rhythmic guitar and expressive voice blend with Stan's virtuosic lead guitar to create a soulful stew of music.


Paula Anderson, organizer of Turner's Music for Mavis series, wrote:
"Hurry Down Sunshine represent the heart and soul of our little mellow Gazebo musical Tuesday evenings. We love them, their soft, lyrical, poignant tunes and style. Richness and rhythm for sublime gatherings."

We have played at festivals, art walks, private parties, galleries, and clubs.
Click here to listen to a condensed concert recording at Cadenza.
Visit our Youtube channel for other live recordings.

Booking: Stan Davis 207 3208285

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