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Welcome to the website for Stan Davis Music

On this website you can find information about my 2022 All They Know and 2023 Refuge CDs.

From This Week in Maine Music: "We are so DONE with the pandemic. Everyone is. It's a dark moment in our history that most of us don't look back on with any sort of fondness. Some really good music was inspired by these dark times, however. Wayne's Stan Davis music may have captured the era perfectly with his new album "Refuge", a calming and reassuring piece of music about uncertain and turbulent times. ..."Refuge" may be the most important musical document that we've had yet from this awful [Covid] decade, and is worth your time with many listens that will keep giving." See full review here.

From Don Peterson at the Belgrade Union Church Coffeehouse: "Your performance at the Union Coffeehouse was absolutely wonderful!  You had the audience in the palm of your hand from the beginning of your set and you never lost them.  The narrative lead-ins to each song were part of the magic you created and they let the audience in on how your songs came to be.  Your guitar work was outstanding as always. In short, it was a delightful evening and I can't thank you enough for sharing your creativity with us."

See videos from the 2023 recording session for Refuge here.

See videos from the 2022 recording session for All They Know here.

You can find a video of a 2022 performance at Cadenza in Freeport, Maine here

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See Lucky Clark (On Music)'s review and interview with me about REFUGE:


And a local musician's review of REFUGE- by Carl Ferris:
"There is no one who does musical storytelling better than Stan Davis. I was privileged to be in the audience at Frog Hollow Studios for this album. When I lived out in the Berkshires, I got to see Arlo Guthrie and Pete Seeger many times and Stan’s amazing combination of commentary, singing and guitar picking reminded me of those concerts. For someone to do a live performance and record a whole album in one afternoon was an amazing thing to see and hear. As I listened to these songs it occurred to me that if I were to steal a line from one of Stan’s songs, I would sum it up by saying this album will leave the world a little better than he found it."

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