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Refuge- 2023

From THIS WEEK IN MAINE MUSIC, May 13-19, 2023:
     "We are so DONE with the pandemic. Everyone is. It's a dark moment in our history that most of us don't look back on with any sort of fondness. Some really good music was inspired by these dark times, however. Wayne's Stan Davis music may have captured the era perfectly with his new album "Refuge", a calming and reassuring piece of music about uncertain and turbulent times. 
     Recorded in front of a small audience at Frog Hollow Studio, Stan Davis celebrates music as a refuge in this troubled world. This mood is immediately clear in the first track, "Sitting Round The House On A Saturday Night" where the feelings of pandemic loneliness and boredom are perfectly caught. From there, tales are told, music is played and wisdom is unveiled. The title track is especially strong and uplifting. Other standouts are "Albert The Adequate" and "Life Goes On". Not only are Davis' songs gold, the in-between song banter is priceless, and the guitar playing itself is a treat and worth the price of admission. You are actually made to feel like you were part of the audience. "Refuge" may be the most important musical document that we've had yet from this awful decade, and is worth your time with many listens that will keep giving."

Videos from the recording session can be seen here.

Lucky Clark (On Music) interviewed me about the CD:

He wrote: 

Q: It is so simple yet impactful — just you, a guitar and your songs.
Davis: When you’re doing storytelling, you have to be telling the story to somebody. You either have to imagine someone being in the room, any of us with any kind of theater training can do that, but it’s not the same. Can you give me your thoughts on these songs? They’re a real departure for me; they feel completely different than anything I’ve written before.

Q: Well, I think there’s a real human element and connection, very simple but profound at the same time. If that makes any sense.
Davis: Well, that’s what I’m going for. I don’t want people to have to work to listen to the songs. I know people whose songwriting is just beautiful, and yet I have to hear the song four or five times before I really understand it. There’s nothing wrong with that, but I’m more interested in, for example, John Prine’s work where you get it the first time.

A review of my new CD "Refuge" by Carl Ferris:
"There is no one who does musical storytelling better than Stan Davis. I was privileged to be in the audience at Frog Hollow Studios for this album. When I lived out in the Berkshires, I got to see Arlo Guthrie and Pete Seeger many times and Stan’s amazing combination of commentary, singing and guitar picking reminded me of those concerts. For someone to do a live performance and record a whole album in one afternoon was an amazing thing to see and hear.
As I listened to these songs it occurred to me that if I were to steal a line from one of Stan’s songs, I would sum it up by saying this album will leave the world a little better than he found it."

Ruth Hertz, musician, writes: 

"With the lightest touch, the upbeat music and poignant lyrics of REFUGE reach deep as Stan Davis's new CD reminds us of what it feels like to be human in these turbulent times. As we listen, we may recall the unique paths we each have followed and we may look ahead to the lives now unfolding before us with a clearer perspective about what is most meaningful.
REFUGE offers a gentle healing, a catharsis, a balm, a blessing; the occasional effervescence of shared humor, and often the visceral impulse for toes to tap, at least on the inside.
When it may seem that even Planet Earth does not know what it will do next, REFUGE shares its musical antidote for the turmoil and loneliness we may be experiencing; and from its safe shelter we may dare release our own joy, too long repressed.  It invites each of us to allow our own personal resurrections, and leaves us with affirmation of the rightness of who we really are and the lives we are living.  
From its generous, welcoming place of shelter and comfort, we may each emerge ready to accept the CD's concluding invitation to sing along with its musical wisdom!

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